Yuxin Zhang


    Zhang Yuxin, the professor and PhD supervisor of Chongqing University, the main research direction is the multidimensional and multicomponent controllable self-assembly of new system and new technology for supercapacitor, clean energy and environmental protection application. The speaker has published 150 research papers indexed in the SCI as the first or corresponding author in the journals of Adv. Mater., ACS Nano, J. Mater. A, and other journals. The citation number of papers is 4020 times, and the H index is 35. There are 15 papers have been selected into ESI high citation paper. He has authorized 7 invention patents. The science press publishes a monograph, and 3 chapters of the foreign monograph. He carried the national natural science foundation and other scientific research projects. Currently, he is the deputy editor of Nanomater. Nanotechno., Front. Chem. Special editor, Sci. Rep-UK editorial board, guest editor of J. Chemistry, deputy editor of NanoScience of Chongqing University, etc.



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