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  • In recent five years, the laboratory has set up 63 open research projects, with a total amount of research funds of 4.16 million RMB. The conduct of the open research projects plays a significant role for the laboratory to develop new research fields and implement in-depth research exchanges and interdisciplinary combinations. The laboratory also pays a great attention to the popularization of science by opening to the public and students every year, and participating to the Scientific and Technological Open Day of Chongqing and summer camp program of National Association for Science and Technology. More than 1,500 people from all over the world have visited the laboratory. All the large equipment and instruments are open for public service, and those equipments worthy over 300,000 RMB operate more than 30,000 hours in total per year.

    Summer Camp Students from No. 8 Middle School of Chongqing

    2015 Summer Camp Students of the School of Mechanical Engineering

    2015 Popular Science Program of Chongqing

    Open to Public Day of 2016 during the Science and Technology Activity Week

    Training of Executives of Middle and Small Companies in Luoyang on Intelligent Manufacturing

    Visited of the School Heads of the Confucius Institute in Betong, Thailand


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