Brief Introduction of the Laboratory



    The construction of the State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmissions dates back to 1988, with the approval of the former State Planning Commission. In 1991, the laboratory was formally open to the public, with national official acceptance. Professors Liang Xichang, Qin Datong, Wang Shilong chronologically have been designated to be the laboratory director; Academician Zhang Qixian, Professor Zhang Guanghui, Academician Yang Shuzi, Academician Hu Zhenghuan were chronologically the director of academic committee for the laboratory. At present, Professor Chen Bingkui is the laboratory director, while Academician Li Peigen is the director of academic committee.

    The Laboratory constantly focuses on theoretic and applied fundamental research of mechanical transmissions and related issues. Aiming at the frontiers in the fields of mechanical transmissions, it promotes systematic and in-depth theoretical fundamental research to explore the key scientific problems pertaining to high-efficiency, high-precision, heavy-duty, green and reliable power and motion delivery. It also promotes applied fundamental research and key technical studies to meet major demands on high-performance mechanical systems in modernization construction of national defense and economy. The Laboratory is becoming a domestically leading, internationally influential research and talents-training base in the areas related to mechanical transmissions by means of its world-class scientific research, high-level training, and intensive international collaborations and interactions.




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